Eemax EMT2.5

Eemax EMT2.5

Eemax EMT2.5
Item# Eemax-EMT2.5

Product Description

Eemax EMT2.5 Mini-Tank "Point of Use" Water Heater


•Point-of-use, ideal for under the sink providing instantaneous hot water •Easy installation with 120V outlet plug •Wall and floor mountable •Glass-lined tank for long life •Limited warranty: 2 year parts, 5 year leaks •Hot and cold water feed •No need for costly re-circulating lines and pumps •Small and compact •Quick recovery time •Adjustable temperature range (50°F to 140°F)


•Voltage: 120V •Power: 1.44 kW •Amperage: 12A •T&P valve included •1/2" NPT Connections •Field replaceable element •Dimensions: 14.5"H x 11.75"W x 10.375"D •Unit Weight : 20 lbs •Shipping Weight : 21 lbs

Serving all of: Alabama, Montgomery, Arizona, Phoenix, Arkansas, Little Rock, California, Sacramento, Colorado, Denver, Connecticut, Hartford, Delaware, Dover, Florida, Tallahassee, Georgia, Atlanta, Hawaii, Idaho, Boise, Illinois, Springfield, Indiana, Indianapolis, Iowa, Des Moines, Kansas, Kentucky, Frankfort, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Maine, Augusta, Maryland, Annapolis, Massachusetts, Boston, Michigan, Lansing, Minnesota, St. Paul, Mississippi, Jackson, Missouri, Jefferson City, Montana, Helena, Nebraska, Lincoln, Nevada, Carson City, New Hampshire, Concord, New Jersey, Trenton, New Mexico, Santa Fe, New York, Albany, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Dakota, Bismarck, Ohio, Columbus, Oklahoma, Oregon, Salem, Pennsylvania , Rhode Island, Providence, South Carolina, Columbia, South Dakota, Pierre, Tennessee, Nashville, Texas, Austin, Utah, Salt Lake City, Vermont, Montpelier, Virginia, Richmond, Washington, Olympia, West Virginia, Charleston, Wisconsin, Madison, Wyoming, Cheyenne.

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