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#1 Brand of Electric Tankless Water Heaters Made in the USA

Why Go Tankless with Eemax Tankless Water Heaters????

Do you keep your appliances and car running 24/7/365?

Eemax Electric tankless water heaters offer 99% thermal energy efficiencies that pays for itself. •no stand-by heat loss-don’t pay for keeping water hot in a large storage tank 24/7 •Saving energy also means you are reducing your carbon footprint which is good for our planet

Space Savings / Save Water •Up to 90% space saving compared to large tank water heaters. This means you can put your Eemax heater anywhere. •You get hot water faster and save water when the Eemax Tankless hot water heater is installed close to the point of use. No more wasting water down the drain.

Safety •Unsafe delivery of hot water can cause burns especially with children and seniors. With Eemax Electric Tankless Water Heaters dangerous temperature levels and spikes are no longer a problem. •Scald prevention- Eemax sophisticated computer controlled micro-processing temperature control models provide unlimited hot water at precise outlet setting (+ or - one degree accuracy) •Electric Tankless run on safe electricity, no venting required or carbon monoxide danger

Longer Life •You can expect decades of trouble free performance from your Eemax Electric Tankless and can last nearly twice as long as a tank heater •No tank to rust out and leak •When it is time to replace your Eemax, you minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the amount that goes into the land fill

With Eemax extensive product offerings there are no hot water capacity limitations because Eemax builds electric tankless water heaters for all building types Commercial, Industrial, Safety and Residential.

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